Addicted women find hope and healing

at Bethesda Recovery

Our prayer for you:

May you find hope in your desperate situation and strength for your journey to healing.  May you have faith to continue on this life's journey no matter what the circumstances are at this moment.  May there be a glimmer of light in the dark places of your walk.  May you find the answer to all your issues in the word of God and in meeting Jesus Christ exactly where you are at this moment.  Amen

12Gates Program

Faith Matters

Bethesda Recovery is housed in a one-hundred year old Southern homestead. It was built by a local Waycross family is is a beloved memory for hundreds of Waycrossans before it became a residence for substance abuse victims.

1010 Mary St,  Waycross GA 31503

Helping Women Break the Power of Addiction and Alcoholism

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Family Style Recovery

Changing the face of addiction one life at a time

Too many of our loved ones  overdose because of the available of prescription drugs. Alcoholism is still a major killer of our family members. Help prevent this by supporting Bethesda Recovery with a donation today.

The 12-Gate Program™ is unique in that it’s based on the biblical account of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of protection around Jerusalem. The program teaches building boundaries for enhancing recovery skills. Alcoholism and addiction destroys this...

Located in the deep south, the southern antebellum house provides the perfect facility for the addicted and the women with alcoholism.  The front porch is the first welcoming center for the program with its inviting six foot swing and country rocking chairs.  

Bethesda Recovery is a proud member of GARR and is an approved program of the State Board of Pardons and Parole of Georgia.  Rev. Cathy Sweat is a BCPPC Pastoral Counselor and an ordained minister of the Sonshine Network Ministries of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

While similar to other recovery programs in many ways, the Bethesda Recovery model is based on the client developing a strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ that can fuel not only every aspect of the recovery but build a moral foundation for a new lifestyle.

At Bethesda we believe healing begins in family.  The family  unit is where so many are addicted.  Alcoholism is an addiction.

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