Bethesda Recovery Philosophy




Bethesda Recovery Volunteer and Staff Code of Ethics

Church is a vital part of recovery at Bethesda Recovery

To allow the clients of Bethesda to choose their own destiny

To take personal responsibility to obey the directives of this organization as long as it does not cross legal boundaries or my own personal convictions

To boldly stand against any illegal or immoral action taken by a fellow volunteer or by a client. This includes reporting first to the staff, then to the director, and finally to law enforcement if no action is taken

To help others by not doing harm

To pass along the good we have received from others

To continue to be trained and to gain knowledge about the program so that the clientele can receive the best possible care

To practice fair and equitable treatment of both staff and clients

To be diligent in the use and care of materials and products which are obtained by Bethesda Recovery and to give back.  To refuse to take products or services without paying for them or having specific permission

To tell the truth

To be true to my word, keeping promises and commitments

To not abandon the clients or those we work with

To use good judgement, honoring confidentiality of clients and staff

To work hard

Do no harm to a client or the ministry

Make amends when necessary

To take care of myself by not neglecting my health or emotional well being or my spiritual life

To give clients a safe environment to recover, and by not touching a client in an inappropriate manner. To maintain client modesty at all times as a demonstration of respect and client dignity.


Bethesda Recovery believes in the value of human life and is committed to giving every human being life more abundantly. We believe those suffering from substance abuse disorders have the same rights to life more abundantly as to others who are free from these difficult circumstances. In an effort to give this life more abundantly to those suffering from substance abuse disorders we recognize the following:

  • Substance abuse disorders are treatable diseases.

  • As with most diseases discreet treatment episodes, supported by continuing recovery support services, are often needed to help people achieve and maintain the recovery life which is life more abundantly.

  • We believe that a more abundant life for those with substance abuse disorders includes restoration to God, to self, to others and to the community.
  • We believe that following a new lifestyle, especially one with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, can enhance the quality of an abundant life.  
  • Those with substance abuse disorders often need lifelong support.
  • Bethesda 12Gates meetings will aid in that support for its clients and those in the community as well.
  • Effective life change includes the presence of good boundaries with twelve core gateways. These gateways which are restored in recovery are reality, authority, truth, self, trust, empowerment, future, relationships, new harvest, freedom, belonging, and joy.

We also agree and support the SAMSHSA Principles of Recovery as indicated in CSAT in 2007 and again in SAMHSA in their white paper of 208 Recovery oriented Systems of Care and the Role of Recovery Support Services

(CSAT, 2007)

  • There are many pathways to recovery.
  • Recovery is self-directed and empowering.
  •  Recovery involves a personal recognition of the need for change and transformation.
  •  Recovery is holistic involving the body, mind, relationships, and spirit.
  •  Recovery has cultural dimensions.
  •  Recovery exists on a continuum of improved health and wellness.
  •  Recovery emerges from hope and gratitude.
  •  Recovery is a process of healing and self-redefinition.
  •  Recovery involves addressing discrimination and transcending shame and stigma.
  •  Recovery is supported by peers and allies.
  •  Recovery is (re)joining and (re)building a life in the community.
  •  Recovery is a reality.

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