• Promptness
  • Complete Homework 
  • Attitude
  • Iniative
  • Cleanliness
  • Completed Chore Assignments
  • Open to Change
  • Confrontational Skills
  • Coachability
  • Willingness

Addicted women find hope and healing

at Bethesda Recovery


The 12 step programs admit spirituality is essential in the recovery of addiction.  At Bethesda we go one step further and boldly say that faith in the One True God is essential for total transformation.  We believe in the power of the resurrected Christ as the source of healing and regeneration.  It is belief i the death of Jesus for our sins that leads us to a new life in this world and throuhgout eternity. 



At Bethesda Recovery women find the transforming power of Jesus Christ as the source of lifestyle change.  We encourage realistic goals, boundary formation, examination of feelings, establishment of a new future based on internal and external changes. 

Cathy Sweat has many videos of her teaching on her YouTube Channel. Click to see.

Bethesda Recovery is a nonprofit ministry that helps women break the power of addiction and substance abuse through the discovery and pursuit of wholeness—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Founded in 1994, the organization changed it's name in 2014 from Bethesda House of Mercy Inc. to Bethesda Recovery to serve the recovery community in all aspects. 

The structured housing program is unique in that it offers opportunities for the residents to participate in volunteerism and learning to serve others.  The women take part in a food bank ministry, a donation ministry and a gift shop/thrift store ministry.  Addicted women and women with alcoholism are busy with life changes at Bethesda Recovery.

The daily activities include getting up at 6:30, an exercise program of walking or other activities, daily devotions, groups and classes until 3 p.m., followed by chores and homework. 

The summertime activities include an above ground pool, grilling out and playing corn hole.

As you consider how much you will be willing to pay for recovery think of how much you value the life of your loved one.  It is so often true that the families have exhausted finances to save their loved one from jail, and death, but now you are giving the gift of life to your loved one.  

The charge for our program is greatly reduced because of our ministry status and our nonprofit position.  We ask for the amount of $600 per month which includes materials, housing, transportation, life  coaching and many other amenities. Use the donate button to pay fees.


  1. Anger Management
  2. Identity Development
  3. Boundary Formation
  4. Biblical Studies
  5. Spiritual Formation
  6. ​Individual Life Coaching

Faith Matters


 Successful​Program Expectations