Addicted women find hope and healing

at Bethesda Recovery

1,  Exercise is a part of our program.  We have a walking program designed to fit all sizes.  Bring comfortable sneakers or walking shoes.

2. Clothes should be modest and comfortable.  We have a very relaxed clothing policy for church and other gathers.  You will need to have outside work clothes.  We do yard work every week.

3. We  offer clients an above ground swimming pool for entertainment and relaxation.  Two piece suits are acceptable but please no thongs.

4. Women love to shop, therefore we provide shopping trips to the local mall and WalMart and various other stores on Saturdays.

5. Bethesda Recovery is designed to give women the most beneficial lifelike program available.  Be prepared to participate in life skills such as cooking, baking, mowing, and other activities which build experience and character.

Loving People Back to Life

We Are a Non Tobacco Using Program.

​​6. You can find a list here of controlled substances which are not allowed at Bethesda Recovery 

7. Mental Health Medicines:  Those suffering from mental health issues may be admitted to our program. Those admitted will have medications prescribed by a doctor who treats their mental illness and their doctor must agree to continue to care for the client while she is in the program or be referred to another mental health professional.

8. Children may visit after the fifth Saturday the client is in residence.  Family members only are allowed visitation.


Facts You Need To Know

Bethesda Recovery Client  Handbook

The client handbook is also available for review by clicking on the button below and downloading the document.

Informed Consent

please click on the button below to download a copy of a must sign and return form.  This document will give you more specific information about Bethesda Recovery.   You must sign and email the form along with the application to info@bethesdarecovery.net

By filling in the information in the form provided we will contact you within 48 hours.  If you prefer you may call us at 912-283-8580 for the first interview. 

How To Apply

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