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Cathy Sweat and her husband Terry live their lives helping women restore and rebuild their lives.  The couple lives on site and set the tone for true family style recovery. They eat dinner with the ladies, they go to church with the ladies, they enjoy swimming and recreation with the ladies.  Cathy and Terry offer appropriate discipline and love to retrain the women who have so often left home too early or rejected the family that God choose for them. The unique style of this couple makes Bethesda Recovery more than an institution.  Their style makes it home.  

Many of the women will call back and ask for permission to return "home" for a visit.  

Cathy is an ordained preacher with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She is a member of the Sonshine Network Conference of Apopka FL.  Cathy is a board certified pastoral counselor with her specialty in addiction recovery.  She is currently working to be a State Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor for the state of Georgia. 

Cathy has spent the last twenty years developing a program to help women get the recovery they seek.  She calls it 12Gates of Recovery. 

Cathy pastors Our Beloved Church Bethesda House of Mercy in Waycross Ga. and she spends her free time with family.  


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