Training videos will be available for Life Coach certification through BCA in the coming months.  

1) Life Coaches are not required to be certified to coach in the State of Georgia; 

2) Bethesda Life Coaches have certified life coaches, certified by the Board of Christian Life Coaches and the American Association of Christian Counselors; 

3) We offer daily classes at the main Waycross location, and weekly classes in Kennesaw, GA, with specific topics to increase your natural gift or learned abilities; and 

4) Bethesda Coaches Association is an umbrella for you to work under for accountability and reliability.



For more information about training contact Sharleen Turley at or call 912-283-8580

The church as it is today may not be able to handle the influx of addicted people who are attending services.  As a part of the vision of Bethesda Recovery, and 12Gates Recovery and Restoration, we have founded Bethesda Coaches Association.  This association trains coaches to assist those who are seeking Christian recovery. 

Bethesda Coaches restore folks to God, to self, to others and to the community.


Addicted women find hope and healing

at Bethesda Recovery