12Gates is based on the story of Nehemiah. He was given a plan from God to rebuild the gates  of Jerusalem. Using this as a metaphor for how our lives are rebuilt we take each of the gates and developed a boundary formation which correlates with our life's struggle.  

In the rebuilding of our lives we learn to face reality, respect authority, learn the truth,  find self, build trust, get empowerment, have freedom, build a future, have relationships, plant for a new harvest, belong, and enjoy life.

12Gates Recovery Program

12Gates has actions steps to cement the changed behaviors into a new lifestyle.  Each action step used during the gates is  formulated to bring about modification in the outward lifestyle while encouraging the internal changes. Action steps include physical structures of sleep patterns, eating patterns, and initiating a change in healthy living These steps are required for total transformation. They include setting a regular bedtime, a regular work time, a rest time and wake up time.  Other steps work on learning selflessness, generosity, goal setting and planning, as well as follow through


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Exodus is the backdrop for our new life's journey.  As we study the book of Exodus we learn the process of the journey of recovery.  We experience deliverance from immediate destruction, we experience the trial and error of learning obedience and surrender, we learn that change is a struggle.

Exodus gives us a pattern for how to move forward and to refuse to turn back to our old way of living. 

We look at the ten spies who refused to go to the promised land and what  it cost them.